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Guide to Issuing Proclamations for Healthy, Sustainable, Wildlife-Friendly Communities

Guide to Issuing Proclamations for Healthy, Sustainable, Wildlife-Friendly Communities

This guide is intended to support and guide mayors, city councilors, county commissioners, and municipal staff in issuing proclamations that will promote resident engagement around wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.

Passing a “wildlife-friendly” proclamation shows a commitment to the local environment, supports community efforts that protect, restore, and conserve habitat, and fosters a greater connection between residents and wildlife. These efforts lead to community-wide benefits like more shade, open green space, and cleaner air and water.

This guide showcases three national initiatives that any community can promote by issuing a proclamation. The proclamations featured in this guide are for Garden for Wildlife Month (May), Mayors’ Monarch Pledge Day (First Saturday in October), and National Pollinator Week (Third Week in June). You will find a summary of each initiative and a template that you can customize for your community in this guide.

While this guide focuses on three specific days, these template proclamations can also be leveraged for other national days like Earth Day, Arbor Day, the International Day for Biological Diversity, as well as days of local significance. Please share with us a copy of your proclamation by emailing it to


Download a proclamation template for an upcoming celebration:

Garden for Wildlife Month
Mayors' Monarch Pledge Day
Pollinator Week

Additional resources:

National and State Urban Wildlife Proclamation Database

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